What is the cost of classes?
Yearly cost for the class is $500.00. This can be split into monthly payments of $50 starting in October and can be paid online right here on CCEIM.org. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $100 is due in September and is applied to the  $500.00 tuition fee. If you choose to do monthly payments you will pay online starting in October. There is no recurring payment plan, so you will have to pay monthly.  Of course you can pay the entire year up front, but there are no refunds!

How do I get started?
1.  Decide what instrument your child will play.
2. Check the class schedules under FIRST YEAR CLASSES or SECOND… and see if it works for your family. If there is not a class at your school, you may choose any class that fits your schedule.
3.  Print out an enrollment form( far tab to right)  and send it with a check to the PO  Box (on form) You may also enroll on line. You may also make tuition payments on line.
4.  Rent an instrument and purchase a book.  You may rent from any store you like, but we also have recommendations on our
INSTRUMENTS, BOOKS AND SUPPLIES Tab. We also host instrument rental nights listed on LATEST NEWS AND EVENTS
5. Send your child on the first day of class.  Because of the volume of enrollment forms coming in such a short time at the start of the year,  there is no confirmation call or e-mail.

Is it ok to bring the enrollment form to the first day of class?
NO– it puts an extra burden on the teachers and delays the enrollment process. Please send your check made out to CCEIM to PO Box 280156 Lakewood, CO 80228 or pay online.

How much should my child practice every day?
Your child should practice every day  for about 15- 20 minutes  when they are first starting out. Consistent practice
has a cumulative effect where-as trying to practice for 2 hours in one day is just frustrating and unproductive for a beginning student.

Does class time count as practice?
No, if your child practices a bit after class, they will retain the day’s lesson much better and progress much faster

Do we have classes on snow days and school holidays?

Do we have classes on a late start day (due to snow or ice)
No if the class is before school. Please check with your school or teacher on after school classes
as different schools have different policies on late start days

What happens if I have an evening class and a storm comes in after school?
If classes are cancelled there will be a posting on the website under latest news. Many times teachers will call or e-mail their evening
students  and let each student know if the class is cancelled

For 4-track schools. Should we come to class when we are off track?
Absolutley yes if at all posssible. During off track times, children can fall behind in class
if they are not consistently practicing and keeping up with the class.

What is the difference between band and orchestra
Our Elementary Orchestras are comprised of Violin, Viola and Cello
Our Elementary Bands         are  comprised of Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Baritone and Trombone